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Osteopath William Hauxwell


  • Details of any medication
  • X-rays or scans
  • Results of blood tests


As physical examination of a patient by an osteopath requires a very detailed hands on assessment of the whole body (not just the area where you are experiencing pain), you will be asked to undress to underwear.

If you are not happy with this, please wear or bring clothing that is easy to for your osteopath to feel through eg. Thin tracksuit.

Osteopath William Hauxwell


Your osteopath will record a detailed history of your presenting complaint as well as past medical history.


Osteopathic examination involves visual and tactile assessment of each relevant joint and muscle. Your osteopath may also examine other body systems in the same way a doctor would examine you.


At the end of the osteopathic examination you will be told what the problem is and how much osteopathic treatment is required. Given that treatment is appropriate your osteopath will suggest which techniques osteopathic or otherwise should be used and roughly how long it should take to get better.

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